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( twolostlittlesisters )

Opinion on;

Character in general: I really like the idea of children in Rapture, given there obviously would be children, and that some of them are able to escape from the entrapment of the Little Sister curse!

And, even when they aren’t, that they can still be interesting and stand-alone characters, rather than dialogue recycling, mindless and personality-less carbon copies.

How they play them: They play Arcadia and Rebecca very well! I like that they are able to work well on their own and aren’t weak characters - both in personality, development and physical strength. Both have their negative traits, of course, but that makes them human and is very important to making a character! If someone was always perfect or had shallow negatives (i.e.; ”they’re too nice/pretty/strong-minded”) it doesn’t make a real person.

These two can easily be real people. They fit in with the world they were made for, as well as the ones they’re put into! As a whole they aren’t mary sues, nor are they overtly anti-sue. They fit in a decent medium where they’re able to behave as a normal person would.

I think that the wit and cute aspects that are given to them are great additions to their already interesting concepts, and so I think it makes them a joy to interact with!

The Mun: We have spoken quite a bit on Skype and they are an absolute doll! : o They don’t make fun of me for liking (somewhat feminine) series/styles/etc. and instead we actively converse about things like Madoka Magica, ha ha!

They are extremely friendly and willing to befriend anyone without bias on their person, which is wonderful. : )

Do I:

RP with them: Not at current! yES WE ARE NOW. I FORGOT I MADE A STARTER BUT I SEE A REPLY TO IT! \ o/
Want to RP with them: Definitely!

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Excellent person with interesting OCs! Very friendly and worthwhile to talk to. Definitely a genuinely nice person! UvU

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(( twolostlittlesisters ))


    The ride, despite being fairly short, had been enough of a ride for Elisha. It was stressful, having to ensure he didn’t slip out of the skyhook while keeping Rebecca at his side - a physical task he had never been faced with before. He was a sedentary person, a man who sat about his Tower and read books, painted, and daydreamed. He didn’t hold himself up with one arm or lift anything over twenty pounds, really. Elisha was a weak man, but in the moment, he had managed.

    And when the cue to drop was given, he did so - nothing graceful, releasing the girl and tumbling to the dusty ground below. A hard thump indicating his landing, and a groan following that. There were a good few moments of belly-aching before he finally stood, brushing himself off to follow after Rebecca’s lead.

   The area was desolate, yet full of people, a deserted landscape that seemed to house those who didn’t have the funds to live the more lavish lifestyle of those located in Emporia.

   ”This is where you live?”

   He turned his torso in spot, looking about himself at the area before setting the skyhook beside his legs.


      The adolescent nodded slowly, staring longingly directly down the road of their so-called home. It was nearly as polluted as Finkton—- though thankfully not as much. She picked up the skyhook, and held it in her hand. Who knows what other trouble she’d run into later one, anyways. It was a hell hole, and all sorts of crime would happen here. Perhaps finding a stray piece of cloth or a rope would be good to keep the skyhook by her side in dire situations. 

       She motioned for him to follow after her, to her so-called “home”—- which was really just an alleyway where other people have nowhere to claim as home. Hopefully Arcadia is safe, and that her asthma wasn’t acting up while she was gone. By now she had to know how to take care of herself for a short amount of time, and Rebecca’s technically only been gone for nearly twenty-four hours. She called out to Arcadia, looking left and right for her.

      The streets weren’t nearly as busy, and filled like usual. It was— quieter. Most likely because they must be aware of Rebecca’s crime by now. So they’re hiding away, wanting nothing to do with this. At least it’d be easier to spot a small child, with no crowds of people blocking her way. Though, her attention was finally caught—— there she was. Arcadia, sitting against the wall, in an alleyway near from where Rebecca and Elisha were standing. Rebecca pushed a few people out of her way and ran to Arcadia; picking her up holding her. Arcadia was caught in surprise, as she dropped what was left of her apple onto the floor, snapping back into reality. The small child wrapped her thin arms around Rebecca’s neck, hugging and holding onto her. A short chuckle emitted from her mouth; until she noticed Elisha behind them.


                     {❀} ❞—Becky? Who’s he?❞

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            {☤} ❝—T’ live—— t’ live, would be an awfully big adventure.

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I have m a n y guests residing in my manor, and I do not care enough to tell whom is related to whom. The best you can do is ask the spirits who do care, or go to that infernal American mansion.»

      The adolescent nodded, 

               {☤} ❝—Aye, I understand. Have ye seen a lil’ girl runnin’ about, ‘ere, at least? She’s got a hanging rope ‘round ‘er neck.❞

        She cocked an eyebrow. There was an American mansion? That sounded odd, the mansion itself was all one. Perhaps he was thinking of something else. Ah well.

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              {☤} ❝—Don’ talk t’me ‘bout that godforsaken underwater prison. I’ve lived through it, already.

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              {☤} ❝—Yer new, ain’cha? Aye, I’ve seen many of yer kind come ‘n go like this.

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               {☤} ❝—Have ye seen our mother, sir…?

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(( phew, this took my hours to make jesus christ. anywho, some haunted mansion au children uwu ))

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Burial at Sea & Paris
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Δ dε мคg¡ค мคg¡cคε vεтεяคหσร


"Because I ran out of reasons not to be." He grumbled, glaring at the girl. "I thought I told you and your sister to leave the witches to me. Go home, don’t return." He instructed.

"Kyubey is not to be trusted, believe me. I’ve listened to his lies for a very, very long time."

      She tilted her head, confused at what he said to her. Magical girls were supposed to fight against witches, no matter what. There was no magical girl that avoided fighting against them that’ she’s ever heard of. The child folded her arms, and cocked an eyebrow— just like her older sister whenever she hears something ridiculous, or something that catches her attention. 

        {❀} ❞—We can’t, we need to fight them too. As much as we wanna protect people and keep this city safe, Becky and I also need grief seeds. They’re super rare, so the more we gather, the more we’re able to stay alive.

        Though, Jacob was right. Kyubey isn’t to be trusted. He’s put them at risk many times, so why does he keep coming back to them? What did he even want, with them? He’s never bothered telling Arcadia before, but she’s pretty sure that Rebecca knew by now. Why is he usually hanging about with her, then? There were so many things that Arcadia questioned, about Kyubey, the other Incubators, the magical girls, and so on. 

         Another question popped into her head, for her to ask the tall man before her, however,

         {❀} ❞—Jacob? How come Kyubey grants wishes to all of these people? Specifically girls?

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twerk it twerk it twerk it 

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elizabreasts am i right? or am i right?

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