the original picture to this here

i added it in color just because

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haunted mansion portrait for rebecca ovo

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When I first made Adele about seven months back, I never thought I would come this far and make such great friends. This is honestly the longest time I’ve ever stayed in a fandom rp wise, and I can’t imagine leaving. You’re all so fantastic and to have over 300 of you following me is truly breath taking and an honor. I will host a giveaway at some point as giving back to you all for helping me reach this milestone, but first I would like to do a follow forever. If you don’t find yourself on the list, please don’t be upset — chances are we haven’t interacted much yet, or it slipped my mind. Every single one of you are fantastic, never stop doing what you do! xx


those who inspire me every single day and I am thankful to of met and befriended, and are a pleasure to write with. you guys make logging in a delight.

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those who I admire from a distance and have not yet had the pleasure to interact with, but enjoy reading their writing and one day hope we could interact

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Yes I meant Axel. GDI. My hands hate me sometimes. Type the wrong thing. But yeeeeaahhh. I can see you liking Zexy

well who wouldn’t like a quiet little bookworm who’s also a sarcastic smartass? ovo and has nice hair too then again everyone in the organization has nice hair

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if by atlas you mean axel


the correct answer is the cloaked schemer, aka zexion

so you’re right! uvu

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Orphaned after their alocholic father killed their mother, then died as a result of excessively drinking, Arcadia and her older sister were taken to an orphanage for a few years, before a letter came stating a wealthy buisnessman and his young wife, thought unable to bare children, wanted to adopt two girls. The sisters were sent to the mansion, were for many years they lived happily with their adoptive parents — but such happiness was short lived. When the wife discovered she was pregnant, she died in childbirth, as did the infant. The husband spiralled into deep depression only to commit suicide, leaving the sisters the heirs to the land and fortune. However, they were murdered by another, corrupt by greed, who wanted such wealth to themselves. They reside all around the house, but can often be found in their playroom, the library, or the greenhouse.

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i really like the jpop duo ClariS so i drew the girls as them

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Name one Pokemon you can see my muse having

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116,101 plays

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"Doing this will do that to you. I did say, leave and let me handle it."


          {☤} ❝—Guess I could say that’cha did warn me. At least that witch was taken care of.

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Madoka Kaname: i just realized that the opening of a tear looks like a deformed vagina
ᗰƗᒪᕮᔕ ᑌᑭᔕᕼᑌᖇ: I
ᗰƗᒪᕮᔕ ᑌᑭᔕᕼᑌᖇ: CANT BLIEVE
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drafts: 5

okay so i will respond to everything tomorrow after i come back from little tokyo in downtown los angeles aight

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comic con selfie with the bae

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my girlies in #20? ;v; i can provide you a reference if you need it
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you’ll never guess where i’m at now

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