Bonus points if you include powers too! *(*´∀`*)☆

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I finally reached 900+ followers!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*
so i’m going to do a small art giveaway! 


1st- 1 fully colored drawing. (Up to 2 characters)

2nd- 1 sketch. (Up to 2 character)

(sorry if there is no 3rd place, I’m going to be starting school soon and I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much to draw)


  • Must be following me
  • Reblogs/likes count (you can do one of each)
  • You can be a personal blog to join
  • I am only comfortable with drawing people so no animals ;o; (but if the character you want has animal features such as a tail or ears, i’m totally fine with that)


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tomorrow is my first day of school aka fuck my life this is my grave 

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drops own url and flees ;v;
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Casual reminder. 98% of the time, I’m totally cool with memes getting turned into threads.

BUT! Please copy and paste it into a new text post. Please don’t reblog the ask itself.

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They’re dead, it’s done.

I’ll.. I’ll be carefuller next time. I wont try to hurt no-one next time.


         {☤} ❝—Uh huh, ‘n that’s what’cha said th’ last time. I ought t’ leave ya with th’ other ones back at Doc Tenenbaum’s if ya continue t’ cause more attraction t’ those godforsaken psychopathic drug addicts.

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Oh, uhh. Sorry.

      She waved her hand at a ‘forget it’ gesture,


         {☤} ❝—Don’ worry ‘bout it, kid. It’s a normal occurance, ‘nyways. I’m used to it. What is it like though, t’ride a Big Sis?

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hey kid wanna make a contract

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Send me an anonymous opinion of my portrayal. Criticism is encouraged. I don’t want to know who it is I just want to improve.

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Send ‘○’ if I intimidate you


I’m really curious because I don’t think anyone should be intimidated by me tbh

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Δ dε мคg¡ค мคg¡cคε vεтεяคหσร


"No." Jacob grumbled, "I am not a hobo. Don’t you have somewhere else to be?" He asked, looking over at her. Honestly, the girl’s friendliness caught him off-guard somewhat. All the others before her didn’t want anything to do with him, and he hardly blamed them.

"Let me guess… the rodent is with your sister." He added, folding his arms across his chest and turning away from her.

      She nodded, answering to him, 

          {❀} ❞—Yeah, Kyubey likes to be with her a lot. I wonder why, though.

       The child shrugged the thought off, and smiled. From what it seemed by other people in the city, she only heard that he wasn’t so pleasant to be with. She thought otherwise—- and in fact, liked to be with him. At least Arcadia now knew why people say that he talks to himself, mostly because Kyubey isn’t seen by regular humans. 

        She walked around Jacob, and stood in front of him, looking up. 

                       {❀} ❞—How come you’re always so grumpy?

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i remade arcadia’s magical girl outfit and changed her weapon owo

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What if the MUN had a warning label? What would it say?

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Tag 5 of your friends and make them fill in this form!

For the mun only!

—✩❧ Name: Dani

—✩❧ Birthday: November 14th

—✩❧ Gender:  Female

—✩❧ Sexuality: gay

—✩❧  Height: 5’0”

—✩❧ Blog(s): main blog, madoka blog, larxene (kh) blog

—✩❧ FC ( If you have one ): aya from mad father

tagging: hardlyharvey, spookedjournalist, themiraclechild, subjectwyk, mockthemonsters

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; ƒσr τнє ƒirsτ τiмє iท ƒσrєvєr || frozen!au



    “You want to go up there?

     It was crazy. She had to be crazy, who did she think she was? The entire place was blizzard, a frozen wasteland, and Adele had her doubts that this girl knew what she was doing or how it was to be done if she was actually going to get anywhere. She lacked what she needed — rope, other supplies, unbeknownst to her that Arcadia had fetched them, until Robert gave a noise of delight, and stood promptly to snatch the carrots with his teeth. Her turned his head to look at his owner, blinking rapidly.
       Adelias pursed her lips, adjusting her hat, before she spoke again.

       She nodded, and folded her arms across her chest—- standing up straight. She held the rope and grappling hook on her shoulder, ready to shove it to the other. 

          {❀} ❞—-See…my sister…the Queen…Ran off to the North Mountains. She’s kind of the cause as to why it’s winter in the middle of summer.

       The adolescent definitely sounded crazy, to the blonde woman, at least. But it was her only best explanation, that would hopefully make the least bit of sense. In case Adele denied her request, she threw the rope and grappling hook to her.

          {❀} ❞——S-sorry! I..I mean, we go. We go now. Yeah.

        Arcadia made her way outside, waiting behind the other door that was closed, taking off her little hat and squeezing and twisting it nervously. 

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